Elance Partition
Single glazing centred

Elance Partition
double glazing

Elance Partition double glazing
with aluminium framed door

Rw 34

Rw 34-Ra 34

Rw 35  

Rw 35-Ra 34

Rw 38

Rw 38-Ra 37


Rw 41-Ra 41

Rw 42 

ELANCE_DV_66-2 S + 55-2
Rw 42-Ra 41

Rw 43 

ELANCE_DV_66-2 S + 46-2 S
  Rw 43-Ra 42


The sound reduction index, weighted RA, is the variable used to characterise the ability of a structure (partitions) to dampen sound transmission.

It is measured in a laboratory, in the absence of any lateral transmission.

The usual minimum acoustic performance required is:

/ RA = 38 dB for solid partitions

/ RA = 28 dB for solid partitions with an integrated door unit

/ RA = 36 dB for double-glazed partitions

Note: Single glazed partitions do not have a minimum requirement.

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